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We providing a wide range of Business Solution, from Business setups to P.R.O Services, Business Centers to Accounting & Auditing Services. Setting up Business is an integral decision and we help our clients to take the right decision at the right time with our expertise and experience. We aim to support & deliver your Business in UAE.

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Common Web Design Issues to Stay Clear of for Good SEO

Common Web Design Issues to Stay Clear of for Good SEO

We understand that as a designer, you hate to be told what to do or to be given guidelines to follow. While we don’t want to stop the creative juices, there are just a few things designers can keep in mind for the benefit of the website, more specifically, from an SEO point of view. We pen down for you some common issues with designing a website that can hinder SEO. Here’s what to avoid:

1) Replacing text with images

Text is still important. Sure, images are more attractive but if you want to boost your SEO, text is still the most easily comprehended by search engines.

Text is important for keywords which are the foundation for well optimized website. Although, you should be wary about using too many keywords as Google recognizes “keyword stuffing” as a black-hat tactic and will penalize a site by either demoting or not ranking your site at all.

If you however, you do insist on keeping images, ensure you provide ‘alt-text’ to your images. Assigning alt-text to your images in gifs, jpgs, pngs gives search engines a text description of visual content.

According to Google’s Ranking Algorithm, text accounts for 15%!


2) Lack of breadcrumbs

A common mistake designers make is to leave out breadcrumbs. A well designed breadcrumb tail would boost your website’s SEO. Text links are easily recognized by Google. Additionally, they provide a transparent hierarchical navigation which makes your website user friendly.

3) The Issue

Many designers & developers debate between building a mobile site and a responsive site. A responsive site might be a wiser alternative since a mobile site can end up dividing PageRank, reducing your overall website rank. This is primarily due to different URLs for the desktop and the mobile versions. In a responsive site, the use of the single URL cross platform ensures this does not happen.

4) Flash Elements

Flash is an SEO disaster. There are a bunch of problems associated with Flash:

  • Search Engines cannot read them
  • Users typically disable Flash players
  • They aren’t mobile-friendly

HTML5 is a great alternative. It is SEO friendly & is successfully indexed by search engines.

5) Confusing & Improper URLs and File Names

A descriptive link not only is user-friendly, it is understood by search engines & contributes to your page ranking. Including descriptive words & keeping the URL short are essential things to keep in mind.

For example, is much easier than not just for search engines but even for site visitors.

6) Overlooking the 404 Error

The 404 Error is possibly the worst thing that can happen to a developer. Or is it? Customisable 404 Errors can be designed to be extremely hilarious or creative. Although this may look like a doable, temporary solution, designers forget to add necessary elements even in this. Navigation elements like a link back to your website might not only improve user experience but also improve SEO. A failure to do so reflects as broken links to a search engine.

We leave you with some of the most creative 404 page designs. Check them out!



Screenshot (1)

We’d love to hear from you. Share your inputs in the comments below!

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Advertising: The most creative Scream of a Marketer.


An advertisement or ad in short is the most creative message; it creates the most positive image about a product. Imagine a life without ads, every morning you would wake up to the empty spaces in the newspaper. The world without ads is nearly impossible today. Technically an advertisement is a paid source of non-personal communication about a person, cause, or a product. The ad world has consistently evolved with creativity and it appeals to the masses. An Advertising Agency is a place that raises an ad with loads of creative appeal, it gently persuades a buyer to buy a product or avail a service. Advertising is considered to be the best approach to market a product. Every year an average of 600 billion is spent on advertising globally. Modern advertisement is a mélange of various origins and traditions from various continents. UAE topsmarketing the charts for its advertising expenditure in the MENA region.

An ad, that is made for a visual or varying media is not the creative energy or imaginativeness of a solitary person. In an advertising office, an innovative group gets the ads ready or imaginatively raises the promoting message that is gotten from the showcased objective; initially, the sponsor gives the seed of creative motivation (message) or the cause to be developed.

Advertising is the most intense form of publicizing; ads create a good sentimental connect around a various element of life by encompassing it with different life possessions that humans desire.  In all entirety, why do we pick things? Studies say that we pick them up because of the emotions that frequent us in our cognitive senses on feeling good about the decision, because of the utility that the product gives us. More often we feel good about something since we have had positive encounters with it previously.

Brand Concept Blackboard

Subsequently, we permit advertisers to have admittance to our subconscious world.Advertising promotions draw out the hidden needs of buyers, makes the new demand, finds the undiscovered ranges and discovers the conceivable outcomes to gratify a change. It hence broadens the business sector and empowers the producers (Clients) to expand their positioning and win more benefits.

Advertising serves as a powerful connection between the business and the general public, or the target audience; it evacuates obstacles of information, teaches individuals, baits them to purchase the best and in this manner empowers the act of sales which is the primary objective.

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Sail amidst the blue haze of UAE


Shipping is the process of transporting cargo, goods and merchandise by sea. Much of the delivery of goods is completed by boats. Transportation through ships is the backbone of the world economy, conveying 90% of global exchange with 102,194 business ships around the world. On waterways and channels, flatboats are regularly used to convey huge amounts of cargo.

At the point when a ship is bought for importing and sending out products, a ship management group is required to keep up and work the vessels. The purpose of the administration group is to give the proprietor support all through the in-habitance or sanction of the vessel. Vessels can run in sizes and capacity.

Most Administrative  organizations give the proprietor or administrator with a team on board. At the point when the ship leaves the Ship Yard (where the ship is constructed) the administration takes it over obtaining power from the proprietor. Most Shipping  organizations additionally offer different administrative services  like assessment before buying, supervision amid building, team administration, and ship lay-up arrangements.

Shipping companies are organizations that spend significant time in  moving (or “sending”) of cargo, or freight, starting with one place then onto the next. These organizations are partitioned into a few segments. For example, international cargo forwarders, ship supplies globally from nation to nation, and residential cargo forwarders, ship merchandise inside of a solitary nation.

ABSEA YACHTS & BOATS RENTAL LLC is a shipping company that charter and rent boats, has made their home in the UAE. They are a fishing charter company who has their boats at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. They are the only fishing charter company in the UAE to have boats in the 3 Emirates. They not only have top notch yachts but have seven full time captains who do nothing besides drive their boats and fish. The crew members are experienced and have maritime experience in the industry for almost 5-7 years.